Wireless Access Point Upgrade (2800 Model)

March 4, 2024

98% of the equipment has arrived, the other 2% will be ordered this week. We’re waiting on quotes from vendors

Project Summary

Nearly 4,000 Cisco model 2800/3800 wireless access points across 163 buildings need to be replaced based on the age of the equipment, our lifecycle goals, and advancements in Wi-Fi standards.

  • What will be replaced? 

    • All active Aironet 2800 and 3800 series access points
    • Any 802.3af PoE switches or power injectors that may have WAPs attached to them.


  • In Scope:
    • Replacement of deployed Aironet 2800/3800 series wireless access points (WAPs)
    • Power Over Ethernet switch upgrades if required/recommended for the new models.
    • Network closet electrical circuits to accommodate higher PoE draw of new model WAPs if required/recommended.
    • Incidental removals of existing WAPs as approved by ITS management.
  • Out of Scope:
    • Evaluation of current coverage
    • Addition of WAPs
    • Relocation of existing WAPs
    • Unrelated switch upgrades
    • Cable upgrades

The project's Wiki and FAQ are found at 2800 Project Wiki page.


Status Phases Dates
Completed  Perform a power needs assessment AUG - SEP 2023
Execution  Execute a site assessment AUG - DEC 2023
Execution Complete a PoE assessment SEP - OCT 2023
Planning Deliver a final estimate to the CSUs OCT - NOV 2023
Planning Obtain all collected funds NOV - DEC 2023
Planning Order equipment Nov 2023 - JAN 2024
Not Started Start the electrical outlet installation JAN - MAR 2024
Not Started Deploy switches APR - MAY 2024
Not Started Deploy WAP  MAR - AUG 2024
Not Started Internal WAP deployment MAR - AUG 2024
Not Started External and directional WAP deployment AGU - Nov 2024