Wireless Access Point Upgrade (2800 Model)

November 29, 2023

The team is working with units to finalize orders with an initial procurement in process. 

Project Summary

Nearly 4,000 Cisco model 2800/3800 wireless access points across 163 buildings need to be replaced based on the age of the equipment, our lifecycle goals, and advancements in Wi-Fi standards.

  • What will be replaced? 

    • All active Aironet 2800 and 3800 series access points
    • Any 802.3af PoE switches or power injectors that may have WAPs attached to them.


  • In Scope:
    • Replacement of deployed Aironet 2800/3800 series wireless access points (WAPs)
    • Power Over Ethernet switch upgrades if required/recommended for the new models.
    • Network closet electrical circuits to accommodate higher PoE draw of new model WAPs if required/recommended.
    • Incidental removals of existing WAPs as approved by ITS management.
  • Out of Scope:
    • Evaluation of current coverage
    • Addition of WAPs
    • Relocation of existing WAPs
    • Unrelated switch upgrades
    • Cable upgrades

The project's Wiki and FAQ are found at 2800 Project Wiki page.


Status Phases Dates
Completed  Perform a power needs assessment AUG - SEP 2023
Execution  Execute a site assessment AUG - DEC 2023
Execution Complete a PoE assessment SEP - OCT 2023
Planning Deliver a final estimate to the CSUs OCT - NOV 2023
Planning Obtain all collected funds NOV - DEC 2023
Planning Order equipment Nov 2023 - JAN 2024
Not Started Start the electrical outlet installation JAN - MAR 2024
Not Started Deploy switches APR - MAY 2024
Not Started Deploy WAP  MAR - AUG 2024
Not Started Internal WAP deployment MAR - AUG 2024
Not Started External and directional WAP deployment AGU - Nov 2024