Protecting the University’s IT Resources

Posted on: May 8, 2014

As part of the on-going campus-wide effort to bolster IT security, Information Technology Services (ITS) is currently working to ensure all desktops supported on campus are in compliance with UT Systems Executive Vice-Chancellor Pedro Reyes’ memorandum on mandatory desktop encryption. All desktops meeting the definition of high risk (by location or function) are required to be encrypted by the end of this month and any University-owned desktop purchased on or after September 1, 2014 must be encrypted prior to deployment. Information Security Office (ISO) approved encryption methods are being used by the team.

Remember that all University-issued laptops must be encrypted as well, regardless of the data they process or store and that any personally-owned laptop used to process category-1 University data must be approved by the department head and encrypted.

To facilitate identification of encrypted University-owned desktops and laptops, external encryption labels are being attached to processed computers. Examples of the labels are attached to this message. The labels supplement automated compliance verification checks performed by system management tools. They will also aid in checking encryption status at-a-glance by identifying devices that are safe for storing sensitive data and those that are not. All IT support groups on campus can order these stickers at no charge by contacting the ITS Help Desk .

Thank you for your continued support of these efforts.

Although the Information Security Office team reports the Chief Financial Officer, not the CIO, they are all friends of the IT community on campus. We appreciate all they do to help us keep our information secure. Please contact the ISO if you have any questions or concerns regarding the encryption policy or timeline.

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