SailPoint Launch

Posted on: October 20, 2017

The ITS team knows first-hand that over the past several years, the University’s information technology landscape just keeps changing. With the combination of homegrown applications built on diverse platforms and the increasing use of vendor product solutions, our identity and access management systems were in need of modernization to keep our data secure.  At the same time, we had the opportunity to make University business processes more efficient. The Identity and Access Management Modernization Program (IAMMP) was tasked with implementing new technologies to address functional gaps in UT’s existing identity management systems, including a new identity governance software solution called SailPoint IdentityIQ (IIQ).

Last week, Phase one of IAMMP was completed with the production implementation of SailPoint IIQ. Campus early adopters can now use SailPoint IIQ and begin realizing improved security and efficiency in managing access to their applications. It also includes automated granting and removal of access to applications.  The value for campus users is accurate reporting of who has access to their systems, whether on premise or the cloud, and access request approval management, and notifications when application access needs to be reviewed.  Value again, as all of these features save time and effort.

In Phase two of IAMMP, the benefits of SailPoint IIQ will be expanded to additional systems and applications at the University, helping more campus units benefit from the improved security, compliance, efficiency, and functionality that it can provide. To learn more about SailPoint IIQ, visit the SailPoint service page in ServiceNow or email the SailPoint team at

This was not a simple load and go!  It is the culmination of nearly 2 years of focused effort with an outstanding team at the helm.  Thank you, IAM team, for making a difference!

Owen Allsopp – Operations Support

Vani Anappindi – Test Manager

CW Belcher – Program Oversight

Pranaya Desireddy – Business Analyst

Scott Doane – Automated Testing Architect

Michele Graham – Customer Outreach Manager

Joel Guajardo – Business Architect

Rick Huff – Technical Architect

Krystyna Kiefer – Operations Support

Marta Lang – Project Manager

Jane-Elizabeth Madison – Integration Engineer

Siddhi Nim – Tester

Andrew Russell – Integration Engineer

Autumn Shields – Product Manager

Tim Shimmin – Integration Engineer