Spotlighting the Contract Software and Web Services Team

Posted on: February 13, 2014

For members of the campus community who need to create or update a website for their research, unit, or project, the ITS Contract Software and Web Services team offers a number of options. In keeping with the University’s mobile strategy, large scale website development projects are created by the team using Drupal and Python. The team also assists with smaller scale sites implemented in WordPress on the University Blog Service. Once the sites are up, campus customers can maintain and manage their own content. This team offers a very cost effective way to establish and maintain a professional web presence.

The methodology for designing, building and testing applications is well thought out. The team works with prospective clients to identify business processes, outline requirements, and discuss how the application will be built and maintained. ITS clients and experienced team members say this planning phase is well worth the time and effort. Planning helps clarify the goals and estimate what is needed to accomplish them, so that the design, build, and testing efforts go smoothly. The team also ensures that the mandatory accessibility and information security testing is performed prior to go-live. The result is a site that realizes the customers vision, and is accessible and secure.

In addition, as part of the Digital Experience initiative, the team is engaged with many others on campus in the Web Analytics Tool Assessment Project which is analyzing web analytics tools–such as Urchin and Google Analytics–to determine what best meet the needs of campus. They are also involved in coordinating with the technical architecture teams on the UT Web Infrastructure Project, redesigning the ITS website, the Drupal Foundation Project, and offering accessibility assessments of other software. The team has 37 application maintenance support contracts with clients across campus. Most recently, they were responsible for launching the University’s new, off-campus emergency website capability.

Team members include Larry Archer, Francine Bray, Willard Briggs, Brandy Brown, Catherine Camillone, Jenn Coast, Mark Fullmer, Luis Garcia, Jonathan Garza, Mark Gonzales, Laura Grooms, Albert Hughes, Raul Iglesias, Wiley Koepp, Chrisinta Konstaninidou, Kara Nicholas, Patrick McCook, Meredith Ottens, Michael Rodriguez, Megan Rucker, Rachel Strain, and Michael Wang. Thanks to all of you for providing professional contract software and web services to UT Austin!

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