Successful Transition to UTLogin

Posted on: October 5, 2014

In September, Information Technology Services (ITS) reached the last major milestone in the campus transition to UTLogin.

UTLogin is the new centralized authentication service which replaces and improves the Central Web Authentication (CWA) and Fat Cookie system previously used by many of UT Austins web applications. This initiative was endorsed by the Architecture and Infrastructure Committee of IT Governance and began on June 24, 2013. For more than a year, ITS staff collaborated and coordinated with colleges, schools, and departments at the University to implement UTLogin.

UTLogin benefits the University by:

  • Providing a login system with a contemporary look and feel and responsive design
  • Doubling the session inactivity timeout from 30 minutes to 60 minutes
  • Removing the login pop-up window for faster access to your destination
  • Allowing mobile users to roam campus, without the need to re-authenticate
  • Supporting web-based and stand-alone authentication via standard protocols
  • Enhancing security infrastructure and features

The enhanced security is particularly significant: UTLogin provides robust, resilient, standards-based protection of identity and intellectual property. For example, the system manages brute force attempts by temporarily locking the account after a number of incorrect attempts instead of a more permanent lock that required users to change their passwords to remove the lock and access their account. Not only is this approach more secure, it means people don’t face the inconvenience of having to change their passwords.

UTLogin was a multi-year effort that was successful because of the significant contributions from the core team, IT staff all across campus, and from others in ITS. The core team from ITS included Audrey Barnes, CW Belcher, Kevin Chang, Scott Doane, Kevin Dorff, Robert George, Marta Lang, Kara Nicholas, Sadia Rodriguez, Kyle Royder, and Dustin Slater. The complete list of staff supporting and contributing to the effort is too long to name here, so kudos to all the dedicated, hard-working IT personnel at the University who turned this vision into reality, helping with the transition, and addressing the few issues that came afterwards. Its been a long process, resulting in tangible IT improvements for our campus!

If you have further questions, want to implement UTLogin with your service, or would like to discuss how UTLogin helps you protect the identity and intellectual property of the University, please contact {encode=”” title=””}.

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