Virtual Machine Provisioning Improvements

Posted on: December 4, 2014

On Monday, December 8, 2014, the UT Virtual (UT-V) service is taking a giant step forward with the Early Adopter Launch of the UT-Virtual Machine Gateway (UT-VMG). UT-VMG offers self-provisioned and self-managed virtual machines (VMs) based on the VMware vRealize automation product. The UT-VMG approach was reviewed and approved by IT Architecture and Infrastructure Committee as a direct result of UT-V customer feedback for a more flexible and automated VM solution.

During the Early Adopters Launch, key campus stakeholders will be running UT-VMG in production and providing valuable feedback on this more efficient way of provisioning and managing VMs. The Early Adopter Launch is the initial production phase for UT-VMG, and the final step before the wider launch to campus, currently slated for spring 2015. The goal is to have all stakeholder feedback incorporated and adjustments implemented prior to the campus-wide launch.

The costs for both UT-V and UT-VMG were lowered on September 1, 2014. The new rates provide individual rates (la carte) for all components of the service, replacing the legacy Virtual Machine Unit (VMU) model. The new model offers maximum flexibility and aligns with the capabilities of UT-VMG. The new rates are:

  • 1GB vRAM & 1 vCPU: $59 per year
  • 1GB High Performance Storage: $1.12/GB per year
  • 1GB Mid-Tier Performance Storage: $0.17/GB per year
  • Backup License: $11/VM one-time fee
  • 1GB Backup Storage: $0.09/GB per year

Those interested in calculating annual, pro-rated, and daily costs of a VM in UT-V can use the calculator on the website.

In addition to improved functionality with UT-VMG, data protection and backup options are also improving. As of October 6, 2014 new VMs in UT-V and UT-VMG are backed up on a daily basis, including all virtual disks. As of April 6, 2015 existing VMs in UT-V will be able to opt-in for this new backup service. For more details, please see the UT-V Policies Page .

ITS is grateful for the collaboration and support of key stakeholders for this initiative: Eric Rostetter–College of Natural Sciences, Bob Gloyd and Scott Keiffer–College of Engineering, Carlos OvalleSchool of Information, James Lewis and Judy Ashworth–Academic Technology Services, Paul Ledbetter–Division of Housing and Food Service, and Paul Gentle–University Health Services. Their collective experience and feedback about the new and improved VM service is extremely important for campus success. Thank you all!

If you have any questions about UT-V and UT-VMG contact David Pavkovic , Senior IT Manager, or go to the Virtual Servers website .

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