www.utexas.edu is LIVE!

Posted on: April 26, 2015

University Communications and Information Technology Services (ITS) have been collaborating for two years to redesign and update the University’s web presence. Last Thursday, April 16, 2015, the new UT Austin homepage launched to accolades from all corners of campus. The new web presence offers a sleek, modern digital experience. The site is organized with easy-to-navigate information pages targeted to particular audiences. Students, faculty and staff, alumni and visitors now have a quicker, more efficient way to access the online resources most important to them. Very cool and exciting.

The new site, which serves as the digital entrance to UT Austin, welcomes members of the campus community and beyond to learn about the University and access the information they need via their smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The responsive web design also leverages the new UT Web infrastructure. Responsive web design means the websites look and feel adapts to the multitude of various devices people now use to access the internet. The new sitewhich replaces the current homepage and core pagesalso meets high accessibility standards

A significant benefit is the simplified navigation, with content delivery based on actual usage patterns. The old homepage was overwhelming at times with close to 200 links, many of them seldom viewed. In creating the new site, we also worked to curate historical content including the automated migration of more than 8,200 press releases and news stories from two legacy sites dating back to 1997.

Kudos to the University Communications team Mike Horn, Bryan Christian, Kurt Mitschke, Jen Swanda, Cory Leahy, JB Bird, Kimberly Atkins, Tracy Mueller and the ITS team Paul Grotevant, Joe Goodman, Mark Fullmer, Polo Reynaga, Mike Marsello, Ed Reel, Catherine Camillone, Julienne VanDerZiel, Jenn Coast, Larry Archer, Mic Kaczmarczik, Scotty Doane whose hard effort and diligent work produced such game-changing results.

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