Past Project: Endpoint Management (EPM) Centralization and Standardization Program

December 1, 2023

In an effort to improve the consistency, efficiency, and security of endpoint management on the UT campus, the IT Leadership Council Endpoint Management (EPM) Standing Committee, in partnership with the Information Security Office, is leading a campus-wide initiative to develop and implement endpoint management practices and centrally managed endpoint management tools for university desktops, laptops, and tablets. 

  • The Provosts Office sent a memo announcing the EPM program to all Deans and Vice Presidents of the university, requiring all staff devices to enroll in EPM by December of 2022. 

  • Establishing quarterly Office Hours schedule 

  • Establishing a roadmap review process with the EPM Advisory Board

  • The EPM Committee, in coordination with ISO is refining and improving patching definitions to align with 7-day CISA vulnerability deadlines. 

  • LAITS and TRECS have successfully migrated all Apple Devices to EPM Jamf

Colleges, schools, and units will be required to adopt standard EPM practices and to transition their end-user devices (e.g., UT desktops and laptops) to centrally managed EPM tools. As part of the university’s commitment to this endpoint management strategy, implementing and sustaining this EPM effort has been funded centrally to reduce the cost to CSUs. In many cases, transitioning to the campus-scoped EPM toolset may allow units to either reduce their operational costs associated with managing end-user devices or refocus IT resources on other CSU-specific efforts.   

It is important to note that while there is no option to opt-out for CSUs, the Information Security Office may grant exceptions based on business or research needs as long as security standards are maintained and exceptions do not increase the risk to the university.