Next Gen Platform (NGP) and PyPE Replacement Project

December 3, 2021

The Business and Administrative IT Leadership Council (BAITLC) recently commissioned a project to develop a Next Generation Platform (NGP) to serve the development community and replace the existing PyPE platform. A cross-organizational team with 20+ members from seven organizations was formed in September 2021 and work is currently underway. This platform will serve as the authoritative place for administrative development to occur unless other platforms/services have been authorized.



The NGP project will provide the equivalent functionality of PyPE in a modern, secure, reliable technology, with an initial focus on an on-premise Kubernetes-based platform (Rancher). Several PyPE applications have been successfully piloted with Rancher, and the focus of the development team is to deliver an enterprise system, along with tools, documentation and training to support a transition effort that will be needed to convert the ~400 PyPE and DEM applications to the new platform.

While the urgency of PyPE replacement necessitates an initial focus on a Kubernetes-based platform (Rancher), the BAITLC roadmap also calls for an AWS-based platform to be developed, resulting in two complementary platforms to serve the diverse needs of campus IT.  


The initial release of the NGP is being developed with the following goals in mind: 

  • Deliver a production minimum viable product that demonstrates desired outcomes such as but not limited to the following:
  • Separation of duties
  • Proper monitoring and logging 
  • Security
  • Reliability 
  • Developer productivity
  • Transparency and understanding of costs of all types (platforms, resourcing, etc.)
  • Understanding how the new platform(s) may help attract and retain resources better
  • Demonstrate how federation (i.e., multi-tenancy) can work
  • Demonstrate how IT shops of all sizes and types can be served.


The BAITLC has set a goal to introduce the new Rancher-based NGP in Spring 2022. Early adopters will begin transitioning at that time.

Timeline for NGP project.


The PyPE platform will reach end-of-life in March 2024. Transitioning to the NGP will eliminate the investment needed to upgrade Django and OS on the PyPE platform destined for retirement.

Additionally, the NGP will provide PyPE customers, as well as the UT development community, a modern application development service with improved security.