Next Gen Platform (NGP) and PyPE Replacement Project : Status Updates

Status Updates

In April 2022, the following activities were completed:

  • Platform Infrastructure including cluster integration w/ GitHub action runners, Splunk, storage, EntAuthN, Harbor, CI and basic CD was readied for migration testing
  • Enterprise Authentication on Rancher Cluster implemented 
  • Baseline image strategy finalized and documented
  • Revised baseline plan in place
  • Container storage plugin integrated in prod cluster
  • Migration test team formed, test strategy agreed upon, apps to migrate identified
  • Review with sponsors to align Dev-Ops-Sec on security requirements review for new CD approach
  • Focus put on defining and developing Dev Experience features to meet development community needs and satisfaction.  Sources of the features include PyPE functionality and user stories defined early in the project
  • New, streamlined SLA draft reviewed by BAITLC Critical Production Infrastructure Committee on April 22
  • Job descriptions for ITS service team openings were written, submitted to HR and, HR was given a priority request by ITS AVP top three needs
  • Knowledge sharing session with University of Michigan on service structure and strategy


In March 2022, the following activities were completed:

  • Production and Dev Rancher Cluster environments brought up
  • GitHub action runners with AD were made operational on enterprise managed user GitHub
  • Backstage 1.0 functionality completed for MVP, serving as a developer portal to view one’s application and provide links to resources such as splunk logs, GitHub repo accessible in “a single pane of glass”
  • Project team, led by ISO, review of various tools to incorporate security scanning in the deployment stream – Anchore, Tenable.cs, Harness, Argo
  • Proof of concept and demo of Argo by ISO  
  • BAITLC Critical Production Infrastructure Committee (CPIC) review of first SLA draft to provide valuable inputs to the SLA creation
  • Funding approval granted by Budget Council, awaiting finalization
  • Job descriptions for ITS service team openings are written and submitted to HR
  • Adoption of new naming convention of Container Management Platform (CMP) 
  • Docker for Local Development course completed and announced to PyPE developers


In February 2022, the following activities were completed:

  • Capability to route PyPE application urls from PyPE to NGP made available in PyPE
  • Migration walkthrough demonstrated for project team
  • Github actions workflow and environment created verified
  • Identification of first application organizations for Spring 2022 migrations
  • Identified criteria for MVP
  • BAITLC Critical Production Infrastructure Committee kick off to start work on SLA
  • User Documentation outline drafted
  • “Getting Started with Docker” training course created to help the development community acclimate to design with containers
  • Local Development on Docker workshop conducted with over 80 in attendance
  • Discovery of potential developer base image proliferation raising security vulnerability concern
  • Sponsor review/approval of image security mitigation strategy 
  • Meeting with Anchore vendor on security scanning and auditing for images


In January 2022, the following activities were completed:

  • Thirteen critical technical design decisions were reviewed and agreed upon
  • Batch design reviewed and agreed upon
  • Decision to use Backstage as the “one stop shop” developer portal, production instance built
  • Azure AD integration to proven for authentication and team synchronization, to be used in the implementation of tenancy groups, backstage, image repo
  • Build & deploy capabilities implemented via github actions
  • Utility to route PyPE urls to NGP coded, reviewed, tested and delivered
  • RHEL 8  base image built and verified
  • Two PyPE apps, owned by team members, successfully migrated to NGP dev
  • Docker for local development tested and documented
  • Additional staff joined the project team, paving the way for ITS taking on the NGP central services role
  • Transition and operational service budget proposal completed and reviewed with CFO


In December 2021, the following activities were completed:

  • VMWare integration with Kubernetes found to be feasible, de-risking the storage concern  
  • Critical technical solution decisions identified, 7 of 11 resolved  
  • Back-up implemented in Rancher  
  • Build & Deploy capabilities implemented via github actions  
  • Project website created and live on BAITLC website  
  • NGP Service Proposal delivered to Sponsors, BAITLC Platform subcommittee, and BAITLC – all endorsed 
  • December 15 FYI session conducted, attendance of 161  


In November 2021, the following activities were completed:
  • Charter version 1.0 approved  
  • First communique to IT community  
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan approved and in implementation 
  • Storage challenges identified with mitigation planning underway  
  • Rancher integration with Ansible  
  • Logging functionality implemented in Rancher  
  • PyPE user survey launched to gather info on current applications by organization


In October 2021, the following activities were completed:

  • PyPE functionality analyzed for scoping in NGP  
  • Technical working team identified to stand up Rancher, daily stand-up in progress  
  • Second technical working team formed to focus on development experience 
  • Rancher initial instance built 
  • Github actions POC built 


In September 2021, the following activities were completed:

  • Project Kick-Off 
  • BAITLC Decision to deliver NGP in March, 2022 to enable PyPE retirement in March, 2024